My name is Vinaris M. Scott.  I am the head facilitator of this organzation.  

I have taken classes in film/theater, but my personal film/live acting 
experience is limited to my participation in the Mid South Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention for three years in  a row.  I have also done background acting on several major motion pictures such as Black Panther, Marvel's Avengers, Black Lightning, The CW show "Valor," the B.E.T. series Tales, and many more.
About Us

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KillaKrane Productions is dedicated to casting upcoming actors/actresses. Especially, those who have been doing background acting for some time and need a reel.
Experience and film/theater classes are a plus BUT NOT AT ALL a requirement for casting, nor will it put you ahead of others who are applying for a role. The main qualities I am looking for are:
1. A GOOD ATTITUDE If you have a self centered attitude or think your acting experience puts you above the next person, I do not want you as part of my team. Also, laziness is another quality I do not tolerate.
3.) A MAN/WOMAN OF YOUR WORD I will work with your schedule. But, if sign up for a role, I expect you to make sacrifices to fulfill that in which you agreed to.
4.) CREATIVE INPUT I enjoy hearing input from all actors/actresses. 
5.) WORK WELL WITH OTHERS: When you join our team, that is what you are a part of and I expect you to act like a team player. 
Benefits of joining our team
As a former background actor myself, I know how difficult it is to break into speaking roles. One of the many things needed for this is a reel. Depending on the video/photography/production company, it may cost you $100 or more to make a professional reel for yourself. With our company, you will be obtaining one of these FOR FREE!! The proceeds from these films will go towards more productions that will give either yourself or other aspiring actors/actresses a chance to break into speaking roles.