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This is a modern day re-telling of the old story, Jack and The Beanstalk….with
a more urban edge. A middle-aged man (who now calls himself BlackJack) is
a former police detective turned conspiracy theorist. He also works for a
prestigious advertising company. He excels in his new job. However, a lot of
his conspiracy theories become problematic there. These problematic beliefs
are further compelled when BlackJack meets a mysterious figure known
around town as The Beanstalk. These compelled beliefs not only affect his job
but his relationship with his wife and best friend from the police academy.
BlackJack realizes that these beliefs are problematic for him, but his detective
skills tells him there is something more going on. So, BlackJack must find a
way to balance his beliefs, suspicions, while keeping his job and still
maintaining a healthy relationship with his wife and best friend.

Although this story is based on an old children story, this story is an urban
ADULT comedy. There are elements of drama, suspense, modern woke
ideals, and (of course) comedy. If you have a rear end, please hold on to it
tightly. Because, you will laugh it off as you read this book.